Monday, September 2, 2013

Election 2013: One Week to Go

I took a week off writing this blog because, amongst other things, both the politics of this election and the corresponding media coverage of this election is shitting me to tears. Taking a week off to do other things, to concentrate on the things that actually matter, rather than this five week circus, is I think a healthy thing to do.

But I come back to this blog, because there is only a week to go in this election, and there is a lot to look at, and a lot to say.

The small business vote is apparently crucial to this election, according to tonight's news reports on the ABC. I want to look at what is being offered by the parties, and the independents that are wanting our vote, to see if they are really pitching for the small business vote.

I want to look at what the candidates for the seat of Indi think is important and how this resonates as a resident of the Kinglake Ranges.

Finally I'll give my two cents worth over which party I think will win the election, and who will win the seat of Indi.

I'm not really interested in how the leaders perform on television, or in front of the cameras. I'm not interested in how the Murdoch press, the Fairfax press, or the ABC attempt to put their spin on what happens in this last week. Others, often with much more time on their hands, will be able to analyse these meaningless parts of the election.

Do I sound like I'm over it?

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