Friday, February 7, 2014

Black Saturday - 5 Years On

Fourteen years ago, on the 6th February, Lesley and I were married, in a service conducted on our property in Pheasant Creek. We celebrated that day amongst the company of our friends and family, enjoying a game of backyard cricket, with some playing a game of tennis, or swimming in the pool. A great day.

Whilst never formally celebrating our wedding anniversary in the early years, we seem to almost forget that day, due to another anniversary that seems to loom over us each year, a day later.

In truth, the events of Black Saturday are never too far from my mind. Living in a community where the evidence is all around you, it makes it difficult to do so.

Yes, the natural environment regenerates, as it does after a bushfire.  The community also regenerates, though not as a carbon copy of life before Black Saturday. And that's to be expected too. Though sometimes not always welcome.

Today is a day for reflection. To remember those that died, to remember what has been lost and how so many lives have been changed, to remember and reflect on those that have shared the journey with us over the last five years, and to think about what lies ahead.

Lest We Forget

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