Saturday, April 30, 2011

Adelaide Family Trip Day 11 - (Clocks, Crays and Chinese)

The weather has turned to crap today. After having some glorious weather in Moonta, with sun shining, cloudless skies and no rain, the temperature has been steadily dropping and last night we saw the return of the rain.

Breakfast this morning was at a German bakery in Hahndorf. The interesting part of this shop was the number of clocks that the owner had. There would have to have been 50+ clocks, all with (more or less) the correct time. We spent about 45 minutes lingering over breakfast, with the boys being commandeered by the owner to assist him with odd little repair work throughout the shop. These clocks ranged in size from small to big buggers, and all of them chimed, most on the quarter hour. Lesley has been wanting one of these type of clocks for a while, but there is no way I am going to having something go off every 15 minutes in the house. She says I'll get used to it, after a while. It is times like this I like to use a phrase made famous in the film The Castle:

After a quick look at another clock shop and then on to Beerenberg (wonderful jams, sauces, marinades, etc etc), we than start back along the coast.

The areas near the two large lakes, Lake Albert and the other one, there is a profileration of salt bushes and other salt water friendly plants. Whilst the rains over the last year have helped the region you certainly wonder when the salt will finally take over and destroy the environment along the Coorong.

Lunch was at Kingston SE, made famous by one of Australia's "big" things. Don't get me wrong. I love our country's obsession with our big things, as evidenced with our stop for the Big Koala on the way to Adelaide. Before I die I will visit and photograph all of them.
Picture courtesy of Nixk Szetey. It was raining and I didn't want to get wet.
A close up of the Big Lobster

Lunch was at the restaurant called The Big Lobster. Can I just say that the food was good, but the service was brilliant. Nothing was too hard for them, and they treated the two boys as adults. I recommend a visit here for lunch, or dinner if you are in the area.

From Kingston SE it's only a short trip to our final destination for the day, Robe.

Robe is a nice seaside village that I have yet to properly appreciate, mainly becuase every time I have visited it has rained. Today was no exception. We took the opportunity of the poor weather to have a quite afternoon having a rest, and to have a break from sightseeing. The rooms that we have has a large spa and I made full use of it.

Tea tonight at the Dragon Village Chinese Restaurant. I enjoy visiting country Chinese restaurants. In all honesty I have not had a bad Chinese meal in the country. Once again the service was excellent, especially from a young waitress (I think must have been under 18, as she couldn't/didn't serve me my beer) who took our orders and ensured that the food and drinks kept coming at regular intervals. The Peking Duck was great and the boys enjoyed the Garlic Prawns and Mongolian Beef. I think we are all starting to think we have over eaten a bit this holiday. I think we'll go easy on the food in the next few days (yeah, right).

Mt Gambier tomorrow.

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