Monday, April 25, 2011

Adelaide Family Trip - Day 5 (St Kilda)

OK, the banding activities are over for another National Championships and my time away moves into holiday phase.

Today was fairly low key, to allow for a full recovery from the previosu night's activities. The kids were, however, bursting with energy and we needed to take them somewhere to have a good run around. Denise, from my office, had suggested a large playground in St Kilda "somewhere in Adelaide, but not sure where". That's what Google Maps is for.

The location of St Kilda, is a fair way out of Adelaide, to the north of Port Adelaide on the road to Port Wakefield. The road to St Kilda did remind us of Melbourne in a couple of different ways. Firstly, St Kilda Road has a tram museum and operating tram line on it, not unlike St Kilda road in Melbourne. The trams even looked like they were the old W class trams. The area leading to St Kilda, however, actually felt like being near Werribee, as every second property seemed to be a market garden for either vegetables or flowers. It was also near the Bolivar Sewerage Treatment Works, providing the sort of frangrance one would expect from such a facility.

Lunch was at the St Kilda Beach Hotel (nothing flash, but well cooked pub food). We then visited the St Kilda Adventure Playground. A couple of thousand families also thought it was a good idea to make the trek out to St Kilda. That didn't matter though as the place was able to easily accommodate a large number of people.

Swings, slides, mazes, tunnels, flying foxes, slides, castles, pirate ships, slides, and plenty of space to run around. Plenty of opportunities for adults to become kids again, even if only for a little while.

The area surrounding the playground was picturesque, in it's own unique way. I've already mentioned the nearby sewerage plant. The beach area next to the playground would not be somewhere you would be encourages to play in the surf, mainly due to the fact there wasn't any surf, in fact not any water. It may have been a large tidal area, but during the time we where there the water's edge seemed a couple of hundred metres away:

To the north of the playground was some sort of port facility:
Apologies for the grainy photo quality
A couple of photos now of the facilities:

Castle, with slides on the other side of the hill

Pirate Ship

Overview of play area and hill with slides
Well the kids enjoyed themselves. A quite night tonight. ANZAC Day tomorrow. Lest We Forget.

PS. I am correcting and updating my previous blogs as I reread them and finding errors, as well as adding the odd photo or two.

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