Saturday, May 7, 2011

Adelaide Family Trip Day 17 - (Spirits, Rocks and Brass)

The first leg of our journey today saw us travel to Timboon. Timboon is a small dairy and timber town but the purpose of our visit was to visit the Timboon Railway Shed Distillery. The food here is great, you can purchase local  produce (cheeses, preserves, sauces and the famous Timboon Fine Ice Cream and you can sample the produce of the distillery - their whiskey, schnapps, vodka or limoncello. There is a local connection with this business as a local Kinglake business identity assisted with the construction of the distillery.

Ever since visiting Hobart last year, and enjoying a sip or two of whiskey at the Lark Distillery, I have been attracted to the idea of maybe constructing a distillery in Kinglake (or at the very least, drinking more whiskey!). I had a good chat with Tim, the owner of the Timboon distillery about how you go about setting one up. If you ever see a distillery set up in the Kinglake Ranges, remember it was my idea first. (By the way, the Timboon Distillery is up for sale. If you are interested, click here for further details).

Having stocked up on spirits we continued on our way to look at interesting sights along the Great Ocean Road. First stop was Loch Ard Gorge. For those unfamiliar with the story of the Loch Ard, see my previous posts, or read here.  The rock formations are interesting to see, if only for their historical significance.

The next and final stop in rock viewing was at the Twelve Apostles. Happy Snap time ...

Our final destination this afternoon is to our friends John and Helen at Skenes Creek, where we will stay for the next couple of nights.  John was my music teacher at High School, as well as being conductor at Box Hill City Band for a number of years whilst I was there. John was a brilliant Tuba player in his time, and has taught a large number of prominent Melbourne brass musicians over the last 25 years. Now retired, it is good to catch up with John and Helen and see how the family is going, as well as enjoy a glass (or few) of beer, wine, port, etc etc.

With John's extensive knowledge of music and all things brass it will be a certainty that we will hear new recordings of brass playing whilst staying here.

Tonight we listened to Vienna Horns, and their first, self titled CD. A brilliant horn sound from this ensemble, the recordings include a number of pieces from composer such as Mahler, Copeland and Schumann, as well as music from Titanic. I must admit I enjoyed this piece to be the best:

Thank you all for your birthday wishes.  Good Night all.

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