Sunday, May 8, 2011

Adelaide Family Trip - Day 19 (There and Back Again - Part 2)

A slow start to the day after last night's merriment. Gees, hasn't it got cold!?

After saying goodbye to John and Helen we started way home along the Great Ocean Road.

Now I am not inclined to participate in road rage, but I was following a car for about 50 km along the Great Ocean Road that chose to drive at 20km below all sign posted speed limits. He continually failed to pull over at the "slow drivers turn offs" that they have on the Great Ocean Road and acted in the manner of someone in his own little dream world. I have your licence plate etched in my mind, Oh slow driver, and have this curse for you (read somewhere in the last couple of days online - Thanks Michael Cole)
May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your crotch and may your arms be too short to scratch
The Great Ocean Road is a brilliant road to drive on. The scenery on both sides can be absolutely spectacular. It wont be a quick drive (especially if you have some old codger doing 40kmph) but it will be an interesting one.

Once you turn off onto the freeway, outside Geelong, it's a pretty uninteresting trip all the way back to Pheasant Creek.

Highlights of these holidays? - In no particular order
  • The brilliant efforts of the band to get second place overall in the National Band Champsionships
  • The giant pandas at Adelaide Zoo
  • The beaches at Moonta - and we were lucky enough to have warm weather whilst we were there
  • Dinner at Hahndorf Inn
  • Penola - Penolaraya and the Tapas Bar we had lunch at
  • The Sound and Laser Show at Flagstaff Hill
  • The hospitality shown by John and Helen
  • Chris's Restaurant on the last night

The lowlights? Thankfully not many:
  • Getting a cold in the first week
  • Having to replace the Alternator for the Tribute
  • Codrington Gardens
  • Poor weather
  • Coming home
Night all

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